Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why I am a Conservative

Since liberal, socialist and statist arguments can’t base their arguments in fact and solid evidence, but must at some time during an honest debate, resort to dishonesty, euphemisms, clich├ęs, platitudes, inanities and absurdities; I thought I'd start listing some of the more famous ones here.

If nothing else, this document can always assist our liberal friends in reminding them what words to say when faced with real conclusions, reasons, evidence and fact that seems to stall their touchy-feely argument of the moment.

The following statements say a lot without explaining anything. They are labels meant to motivate without providing actual clues to their intent.

In other words, these are completely empty and useless statements, made so by those who are doing their best to provide services and commodities for all, without a way to pay for any of it.

Liberal Motivating Talking Points

  • For the good of the people
  • For the good of society
  • Forward thinking
  • Not stuck in the past
  • Progressive attitude or thinking
  • Inclusiveness
  • Liberal minded
  • Open-minded
  • Broadminded
  • Moderate
  • Freethinking
  • Tolerant
  • Fair
  • Fair-minded
  • We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it
  • Nondiscriminatory
  • Unbiased
  • Religious
  • Secular
  • Conscientious
  • Hope and Change
  • Yes we can

If you can think of any more, please reply at the bottom of this post. Let's build a complete list of terms, words and phrases that The Left has skewed for their lying purposes.

When the government spends money, it is spending my money. Because, the government has nothing unless it takes it from me, or I give it willingly. I am the American taxpayer.

If the government spends my money without giving me a say in how that money gets spent, it is rightly called taxation without representation.

Taxation without representation under the tyrant rule of the British crown, and other nations, was one of the main causes and motivations for the founding of America and the US Constitution.

America under Constitutional rule is what made this country the great nation that it became; including the industrial revolution that changed the way humans lived, forever.

The loud left says otherwise. They say that America was made great by diversity of skin color and diversity of culture.

America obviously could not have been made great by diversity. Diversity never created anything of value that humans would pay for as a commodity. And, it was humans buying and selling that made America the great and beneficial nation that it was before the our freedoms were stolen by government interventions and dishonesty in the elected seat of government.

Buying and selling; commerce. The free trade of goods within a protected border of national identity; that free trade. This is what made it possible for America to win a war and then turn right around and put a hand down to lift up the fallen country that had just lost a war. That is national compassion.

Commerce at a local level that builds up communities to such a financial state of health that when someone has a need, churches, families neighbors and friends have the ability and the will to lend a helping hand. Individual compassion.

Compassion was not created by the lying liberal and the sneaky statist. Compassion placed its foot on the free soil of the American continent at Plymouth Rock in 1620; long before communism and socialism taught pluralist liberals how to deceive their way into local and high level government office.

Liberals make their long ranging decisions based on the false assumption that the Rule of Law, The US Constitution, and Free Enterprise will just go on generating the massive wealth that America has produced, but without the benefits of Free Enterprise, without the Rule of Law and without following The US Constitution. Yes, the very definitions of insanity and stupidity; to maintain present course while expecting change, or changing course while expecting no change in result.

This is why I am a Conservative.

What are you, and why? And, what are you doing to support what you believe in?

Zombies and Democrats

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Armed Citizen Makes a Difference

I am endeavoring to promote examples of citizens using fire arms wisely in ways that save lives and protect property. This one id from my oen neck of the woods here in the Pacific Northwest of these United States.

Hillsboro, Oregon [upper left corner]
HILLSBORO, Ore. (AP) — The Washington County sheriff’s office says a man who attempted to rob a Beaverton gun store with a baseball bat and a knife was thwarted when the manager drew his own gun.
The sheriff’s office says the suspect walked into Discount Gun Sales Thursday afternoon, smashed a display case with the bat and removed a handgun.
Moments later the manager armed himself and ordered the suspect to drop the gun, the bat and a knife he also was carrying.
The manger detained him until deputies arrived and arrested the 22-year-old Beaverton man on robbery and other charges.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gun Control That Works Every Time

I don’t care what the ignorant and rogue, pop-culture, drive-by mainstream media says about me. I am a thankful and humble patriotic American who is also a righteously protective husband and property owner who knows my rights.

And, I own guns that are always loaded.

I have never pointed a real gun at a human and I hope to never be required to do so, but I will if you threaten me, my family, friends or neighbors. If I point the gun at you, I will be pulling the trigger as soon as I have carefully and quickly aimed the sites on your center mass. I won’t be talking; I will be too busy aiming.

I do not intend on shooting anyone. But, if I pull my gun, I will not stand there and talk about what I’d like you to stop doing. The bullet or shot that comes out of the gun and enters your center mass will stop you.

Deadly force is only used as a last resort in a deadly, threatening situation.

Guns should NEVER be used by citizens as negotiating leverage, regardless of how TV cops are portrayed. Guns are to be carefully and purposefully shot into the center mass of the individual who needs stopping.

This description would not be necessary if pop culture wasn't teaching otherwise.

This is gun control. This is how I train myself and my wife.

Gun Control That Works Every Time

  1. Have gun already loaded and within reach.
  2. If threatened, deploy gun ready to fire as soon as the target is in front of an appropriate background and it is reasonably safe to do so.
  3. Acquire target’s center mass in the gun’s sites and fire as many rounds as it takes to stop the life threatening behavior.
  4. These steps should progress and culminate within a few seconds. When the gun was being reached for, the situation was already beyond reasoning.  alking, reasoning with and otherwise negotiating should never take place with a loaded gun pointing at another human. Pull gun and fire. If there is time to reason and negotiate, then you do not feel threatened enough to use a gun.
  5. Calling the police is not interchangeable with defending one's self. They are two totally different solutions for two completely different, but possibly related scenarios.
I have heard people who believe differently than me express horror and empty solutions to be used instead of shooting someone. Some of the non-solutions begin with, "What if...".

Any scenario that you can put forth has been covered by the Gun Control steps above.

What I find ironic is that people who want to take guns away from non-violent, Constitutional citizens like myself live in the same violence rich environment that I and my family do. They have access to the same violent crime reports that I see. They even agree that there is too much violence in our society and even help my case by repeating some of these crime reports that display how prevalent home invasions and other attacks are in our communities today. And still, they want me to give up my gun.

You may not believe in my right to defend myself and my wife. But, I'd like to hear your idea of how you are planning for how to protect yourself if attacked. What are you going to do, call 911 during the first 3 minutes of the rape in progress? Really?

I would rather spend years in prison for Constitutionally defending myself or others, than have my wife raped, stabbed or murdered while I was dialing 911.

There is no argument against this. If you think you have one, let's hear it.

Obama Wan Kenobi

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

No More Open Debate. Lets Hear The Truth!

Face Block, oops, I mean Face Book regularly blocks conservative Truth telling while allowing Liberal, hate Lefty sludge to pour forth over their forum. I am tired of people holding up open filth as "good healthy open debate" at the expense of truth.

Obama was elected with the Leftist filth and lies that were paraded across America's news outlets as Open Debate, while the truth about Obama was left for dead on the editing room floors.


We have seen Face Book's, CNN's, ABC's, NBC's, CBS's and Rueter's version of Open Debate. Now, how about The Truth for a change, American Media?

No more open debate. Promote Truth instead.

Your Congressman at Work?

I get these auto reply emails pretty regular from my elected representatives. Since most of my congressmen are Lefties, these letters spout the average, garden variety lies and completely ignore reality and The Rule of Law. 

I wanted to show off this letter as a pretty steady representation of what I get from Jaime Herrera Beutler; my rep from the House. It's wonderful having an elected representative in D.C. (Washington, not COMICS) who is proud of what she believes in and doesn't have to hide her true feelings in order to get re elected or pass legislation. I'm sure she sleeps just fine at night without any sleep aides like alcohol or drugs. I have yet to meet her in person. But, she has a giant stack of letters from me in her virtual folder, and we have only lived here for 1 year.
How tall is the stack of letters that your representative has from you? Do they even know what you believe? Do they know your wishes for their vote in Congress?


July 24, 2013

Dear Mr. Marks,

Thank you for contacting me about United Nations Small Arms Treaty.  It is an honor to represent the people of Southwest Washington, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me. 

The U.N. Small Arms Treaty seeks to prevent international civil conflicts by regulating the international trade of some guns.  I share the concerns many folks have expressed about how this treaty infringes on our constitutional rights. However, as you may know, the Senate must approve the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, not the House. 

I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and I intend to fulfill my responsibility.  Part of this duty includes ensuring that any actions of the government do not infringe upon our civil liberties outlined in the Bill of Rights.  Going forward, I will be working to ensure these rights are protected.  

Thank you again for contacting me on this important issue. I invite you to visit my website at www.HerrreraBeutler.house.gov for additional information or to sign up to be kept up to date on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.


Jaime Herrera Beutler
Member of Congress

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Larger Problem About Washington DC-- and No Fix In Sight ON THIS PLANET

The Battle is Larger Than You Think

This is a longer read than most posts of its nature. The body below is 1,448 words long. I suggest printing it out, finding your favorite place to site, and read it through in one sitting. It carries more than one thought that might hand you some game changers in your quest for some answers in todays Obama-ish America.

I have always counted Friday as part of my weekend. So, I write this offering in hopes that you will at least purpose to read this over the weekend. Again, print it out, set it somewhere appropriate, and read it every time you visit that seat.

My view comes from a summary of the daily reads to which I subject myself six days a week (I don't want to head to church on Sunday mornings with my head filled with the exasperating problems on a global scale when I'm attempting to hit my weekly, spiritual reset button). And, today it seems that everyone is talking about three main topics; 
  • The growth of Conservatives in Congress, but lacking real change in results
  • Waning American Morals
  • A Leftist Media that must follow its agenda or die trying
I can add or change this short list to really narrow down the problem but it still doesn't address the root issue;
  • A Leftist Media that must follow its agenda or die trying
  • Cowardice in the Judges Seat
My unlearned opinion is that all of our major issues can boil down to these two facts; 1) Our society no longer knows what is going on in our society; the Truth is buried 7 days a week by our lying media, 2) Judges who have the authority, power and responsibility to fix America, won't.

The "S" word

This being stated, we still are not talking about the root cause. And here's where America's Press, even the conservative media upon whom we on the Right have come to rely like Sirs Limbaugh, Hannity, Drudge and Fox News, NewsMax and many others, are left in the dust scratching their collective heads because they dare not broach the real cause and fix, even if they happen to stumble upon it by accident.

The cause of all of our national and global woes is Sin in the church house, and in the home, pure and simple; the willful abandonment collectively and refusal personally of God's commandments and requirements for a fulfilling and righteous life on this planet.

Our Conservative media can't expose this one all-consuming cause because they feel that they would lose any shred of credibility with -- uh -- uh -- with whom? With whom does the Media Right have credibility?

I'll answer that for you; they have loads of credibility with us; those on the Right who largely believe in The Bible, transparency, truth and honesty. And furthermore, are looking for solutions to large and difficult problems.

Why do we so appreciate Rush Limbaugh? It certainly is NOT for his entertainment value, nor his morals or personal habits. He smokes cigars, drinks liqueur, makes off color jokes about sex and women, and has been divorced three times and married four. So, no, it ain't his morals.

It's because at the time of its Earth shaking release upon an unsuspecting Leftist-Media-In-Power in 1988, The Rush Limbaugh Program was the only source releasing Truth at large and on an arguably even footprint volume wise as the main stream media.

"Honest people living in a vacuum of truth are starving for it."

It's all about rebel truth telling. Honest people living in a vacuum of truth are starving for it. It's all about the truth.

The Conservative media tries to give us the truth on a limited diet; limited because every time they deliver the truth to us, they are also exposing their contempt for the Left media. And even though they are trying to be honest, they still hate to be hated; especially by other media professionals who are looked upon by pop culture as the Media Elite.

Limited also because I believe they partially buy into the incorrect assumption that talking about God, Bible, Sin, The Enemy (Satan) robs them of credibility, because they recognize the contempt for God that pop culture currently carries, mostly created by and fire-fanned by the Leftist media; the vicious circle of catch 22 circles-within-circles that muddies the waters of Truth telling.

Doing right has its own rewards. And thank God that everything does NOT rise and fall on what the media elite and Washington D.C. has for breakfast every morning. We can, each of us choose what we will do each day regardless of what we did yesterday, last week or last year.

Why is it that individuals doing the right thing have so much more power than large groups of tens of thousands of voters doing the right thing? The answer is because those larger groups would not exist without individuals; but, more importantly because God's Word says so.

God speaks to the individuals who make up the larger groups. Look at 
2 Chronicles 7:14
King James Version (KJV)
14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

"My people." 

Now, I'm going to suggest something that worldly, purest Bible scholars and those who think they are, will argue with. Regardless, it needs to be said.

When this portion of The Bible was penned, "... my people..." meant the nation of Israel. But, what other group can be more appropriately attributed to this passage than "Christians"?

I am a Christian and therefore I am a part of  "... my people ..." by adoption through my acceptance of Christ as my savior and His death and resurrection in payment for my sin. But, I am also a part of the group called "... my people ..." directly because my earthly father was a Jew. So by birth, I also can claim responsibility for carrying out God's commands as well as enjoying the benefits of His promises. (Yes, I am fully aware that the Hebrew familial predominance has traditionally been only through the maternal blood. But I speak of genetics, not property rights.)

So, when did this Bible verse written to Jews and Christians become null and void? When did any part of The Bible cease to be relevant? Answer that question and you will learn more about yourself than virtually any other Truth.

Do you believe God's Word? If you do, then you are an honest person living in a truth vacuum, starving for truth.

The Fix-all

Believing God's Word is a personal thing with wide ranging results. 

Example; why does it often appear that all of the dishonest media seem to have so many common articles and news stories in their outlets without having a regular daily meeting, let alone a Monday morning meeting? How can they stay so well synchronized most of the time without direct communication with each other; almost like they are getting orders from a higher power?

No, it's not The White House we have to worry about.

Ephesians 6:12
King James Version (KJV)
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

We do have a common enemy. He's real, powerful and hides near the highest levels of human power and authority. His influence can be seen in all of the major news stories that serve a common agenda that hates Christ and Christians, Truth and Righteousness, Honesty and Discernment.

If this is not true, then how would you better describe the manifestation and evidence of a real enemy being in control of the strings from the top?

But, we can rest easier every night knowing that we do not have to fight directly against The Enemy, nor worry about the end of the bigger picture because we know that also. The Fix for everything is too direct in theory and too difficult in execution to be attempted by human effort alone. So, it is with daily fortitude and unfailing prayer that we ask God for the strength and guidance to daily execute Goodness; His Goodness.  Doing what God says daily, in our personal lives leads to the collective substance of what made America great. 

"America is great because America is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great." 1833 Alexis deTocqeville or those summarizing his thoughts.

Obama is doing his best to rob America of our goodness under the guise of a religiously antiseptic agenda that idolizes the murderous mission of Islam, while inhibiting the freedom of Christianity. We see it almost daily in his actions and the result of his influence globally.

Each of us can't battle him physically for a number of real reasons. But each of us can go to battle against him and his god in an arena in which he has no clue how to fight. In a sense, we can lawfully and legally cheat in this game of real warfare because we have the Master on our side. The master who built the game board, all the players and authored the unchangeable rules.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Glaring Truth of Media Bias and the Damage it Does to Our Society

Four Georgia men arrested for 'beating to death' ex-Marine who survived TWO tours of duty in Iraq | Mail Online

Police in Cobb County, Georgia, have arrested four suspects this week for allegedly beating to death 34-year-old ex-Marine Zachary Gamble in March.
Read more at www.dailymail.co.uk

This story came across my desk this morning that is timely and relevant in the light of the aggravation that The Media is generating over race riots, as they apparently are hoping for more Burning L.A. like they helped cause in 1992.

A white man stopped for fuel and was murdered by four black yoots. It never made it to our Press's radar. No white activist called his fellow clergy to make a big stink over racist crime in America. Nobody interviewed any white mothers in the white neighborhood, and no white "reverend" got any camera time making outrageous claims in order to up his monetary value at collection time.

Oh, and The President hasn't issued any statement. Not on his radar either.

Can you say, Media Black-out?

Ask yourself, "Self, why is that?"

I lay the blame largely at three main doorsteps;

  1. Christians have failed in living like their namesake. Whenever Christians give up living for others and doing what The Bible calls "...our reasonable service...", goodness fails and evil abounds.
  2. Most judges are cowards at the federal level.
  3. We do not have a prevailing environment of truth and ethics among the rank and file of our Press and certainly not among the news editors of the same.

Read the mentioned story here http://savingourfuture.com/2013/07/why-isnt-black-on-white-attack-a-racial-hate-crime/
I also suggest reading the replies and comments after the story. America is not as stupid as Obama makes her seem.


News Cycles. Post Zimmerman; What Next? BENGHAZI !!!!!

L.A. Burning April 1992. From Newsweek 2002.

Post George Zimmerman

Until they actually start burning down LA again (and blaming it on a Bush like last time), the media MUST take up the Benghazi mantra for getting at the truth and helping "us" flex our lax hand of justice.

Have you contacted your congressman yet?

Friday, July 12, 2013

6 Key Phrases Used by Unreasoning Agents of Destruction

During my return to college (2001-2004), I had the opportunity to take a Speech and Debate class. We were blessed with a very conservative and fair minded professor who really just wanted us to learn and hone our debate skills, regardless of the topic. She was one of those who revelled in having one of us eloquently crush our opponent in class, and then demand that the winner turn around and debate from the opposing view. 

I often deliberately chose highly controversial topics because debating was not enough for me; I also wanted to be right, in an environment that was predominantly Liberal. So, I developed several topics for discussion that were sure to draw heated debating partners. The following came from some of those topic studies.

My summation is that I am providing a public service to all by handing out these free tips. We must often be reminded that the Liberal mind is one that is twisted and skewed to operate without the constraining influence of solid structure. Theirs is a fantasy world without constraint of resources. Much like the Star Trek world created by Gene Roddenberry, in their minds The Great Society should provide for all equally so that all can pursue true happiness towards whatever destination that might be. And, anyone holding to the antiquated theories of hard work for a day's pay in order to gain, is only good for the menial labor necessary to provide for the physical maintenance of real of society; their society.

So it was that I learned many years ago that Liberals do not have to be convinced; they just have to be defeated. So, when you run into someone using the words below in a way that suggests that they might be a liberal, don't waste too much time trying to convince them of Truth and The Rule of Law. Just defeat them at the polls every two years.

This obviously is only a partial list.

You might be a Liberal if… you don’t get any of this.


  • Meaning; “I am using thought processes beyond your ability to understand anything important.”
  • Example; “I have moved beyond The Rule of Law. The US Constitution is too confining and narrow. I take a more progressive view.”
  • Reality; Liberals must willingly overlook and ignore The Rule of Law in order to follow their agenda. It does not bother them one whit that they are destroying the very foundations that provide them the safe intellectual harbor in which they are existing. 

LIBERAL (in politics)

  • Meaning to the Liberal; To take from the endless richness of the American Government coffers and give to all who are hurting or in need.
  • Meaning to everyone else; Being liberal (loose) with The Rule of Law in order to meet whatever agenda is convenient at the time.
  • Example; “It’s not fair that some have and some do not. The rich have no right to hoard so much wealth at the expense of the poor.”
  • Reality; To forcefully convert ownership of someone’s goods and make it to be owned by someone else is illegal. There is a name for that crime. It is called Theft. The act of being liberal with tax generated funds while redistributing wealth makes it no less of a Theft. 

CONSERVATIVE (in politics)

  • Meaning to the Liberal; A person who is mean spirited, money-grubbing, selfish, hateful, narrow-minded, racist, bigoted homophobic and challenged to anything that smells of change.
  • Meaning to everyone else; to hold closely to the fundamental meanings of founding documents and statutes. 


  • Meaning to the Liberal; To be fearful of and hate persons who hold to the alternative lifestyle known as Homosexuality.
  • Example; Usually an accusation made against anyone who claims to be a Christian or believe in The Bible. 


  • Meaning to the Liberal; “Everyone should be tolerant to my beliefs.”
  • Meaning to everyone else; Everyone should show measured tolerance towards all reasonable beliefs.
  • Example; Liberals commonly are the first to jump to any public accusatory demands whenever a Conservative might be publically disagreeing with a Liberal ideology. 


  • Meaning to the Liberal; For a white person to disagree for any reason with a black person.
    • Example A; “It doesn't make any difference that Obama’s official birth certificate has been investigated by duly appointed government officials and deemed a forgery. Just investigating his birth certificate was a racist action because Barrack Obama is black.”
    • Example B; Many black people and leftists believe that a black person can not commit a racist act or make a racist statement, simply because they are black. Being black exempts them from racism. While debating in a college class in Chicago in 2001, my debate opponent (a nice black lady) actually claimed that I was in error in my description of the meaning of racism because if I were correct, “…it would mean that a black person was capable of committing a racist act, which is impossible; because they are black. Black people can’t be racist, because they are black, so it’s impossible. ‘Cause they’re black…” etc
    • Example C; Not a week goes by in today’s pop media circus that someone’s defense of a claim being made against our black president must be racist because “Obama is black.”
  • Reality; From Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language; 2012. “Definition of RACISM
    • 1  : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    • 2  : racial prejudice or discrimination
    • — rac·ist  noun or adjective

My personal favorite that sums up the elitist frame of mind that must be acquired in order to follow the Western Liberal way of life, is a quote I created from a combination of something from the American Humorist, George Carlin, mixed with my own understanding of western culture.

“All men are created equal. Some are just more equal than others.”


True Photos - by request

A reader asked us to make Hillary honest. So we did.


Just seeing if you were asleep, Citizen.

You cover me from the parking lot; I’m goin’ in to get the mail.

“You cover me from the parking lot; I’m goin’ in to get the mail.”

This might be what is heard in every village, town and city in the US that has a Post Office.

We all know that to ban guns from a building, without a way to confirm gun possession with metal detectors and airport type security, only creates one of the most dangerous areas that an individual can enter. This is what post offices have become in the past several years as The US Postal Service un Constitutionally declared their buildings “Gun-Free Zones”.

Earlier this week, Senior U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch ruled that a U.S. Postal Service regulation
banning firearms in its parking lots violates the Second Amendment.

Here’s the formal Press Release.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

46 Congress Men and Women Who Should be Tried for Treason Tomorrow for Voting Yes to Kill the 2nd Amendment!


1. Baldwin (D-WI)
2. Baucus (D-MT)
3. Bennet (D-CO)
4. Blumenthal (D-CT)
5. Boxer (D-CA)
6. Brown (D-OH)
7. Cantwell (D-WA)
8. Cardin (D-MD)
9. Carper (D-DE)
10. Casey (D-PA)
11. Coons (D-DE)
12. Cowan (D-MA)
13. Durbin (D-IL)
14. Feinstein (D-CA)
15. Franken (D-MN)
16. Gillibrand (D-NY)
17. Harkin (D-IA)
18. Hirono (D-HI)
19. Johnson (D-SD)
20. Kaine (D-VA)
21. King (I-ME)
22. Klobuchar (D-MN)
23. Landrieu (D-LA)
24. Leahy (D-VT)
25. Levin (D-MI)
26. McCaskill (D-MO)
27. Menendez (D-NJ)
28. Merkley (D-OR)
29. Mikulski (D-MD)
30. Murphy (D-CT)
31. Murray (D-WA)
32. Nelson (D-FL)
33. Reed (D-RI)
34. Reid (D-NV)
35. Rockefeller (D-WV)
36. Sanders (I-VT)
37. Schatz (D-HI)
38. Schumer (D-NY)
39. Shaheen (D-NH)
40. Stabenow (D-MI)
41. Udall (D-CO)
42. Udall (D-NM)
43. Warner (D-VA)
44. Warren (D-MA)
45. Whitehouse (D-RI)
46. Wyden (D-OR

I placed the list first in this post so that you would see the importance of locating your representative and contacting them RIGHT NOW and ask them why they voted for this bill that would have negated the 2nd Amendment. The two that are highlighted are mine. I have already called and demanded a reply and accused them of treason; in a calm and determined voice with all due respect.
Below are two articles that The Leftist Press are hiding



Thanks to Oliver Araiza for the heads up on this.

Yeah, There's Jobs Being Created, but Can You Afford to Work at One of Them? How to Beat the Odds

At the end of this article is a link to some really important job hunting tips for the serious job hunter. They are the type of insider tips that work for everyone, whether you are looking for professional job or simply want to wash cars for a summer for some extra cash.

15 Signs That The Quality Of Jobs In America Is Going Downhill Really Fast

By Michael Snyder, on July 7th, 2013

Trying to find a job in America today can be an incredibly frustrating experience.  Most of the jobs that are available seem to pay very little, and there is intense competition for just about any job that is open.

But it wasn't always like this.  When I was in high school, I was immediately hired when I applied for a job at McDonalds because they were so desperate for workers that they would hire just about anyone that could flip a burger.  But in this economic environment, a single nationwide hiring event conducted by McDonalds resulted in a million job applications, and only a small percentage of those applicants were actually hired.

Our economy simply does not produce enough jobs for everyone anymore, and the percentage of "good jobs" continues to decline.  That means that it is getting really hard to find a job that will enable you to support a family, and a lot of people end up doing jobs that they are massively overqualified for.  But when times are tough, people are going to do ...

Job hunting tips from the Editor of RightPaparazzi.

There are sustaining jobs and non-sustaining jobs.

A sustaining job is one that you can actually live on; labelled by law enforcement and the courts as "Gainful Employment". A non-sustaining job is one that requires that you have a second job, or otherwise does not create enough income to pay your standard living wage.

If you are unemployed or just about to become unemployed, you might want to think for a few minutes before taking the first job available. There might be a better tactic to keep paying your bills than walk directly into Walmart or McDonalds.

Prime Job Hunting Time is Usually During the Day

Taking a minimum wage job might insure that you have a paycheck coming in ASAP, but if you are working a full day time minimum wage job, it takes up your entire working day and you have little or no time for other job hunting.  Consider your next move well, even in desperation, because it may set the tone that locks you into a situation that is even more unrecoverable than the one you're in now.

Here are some tips I learned first hand as I found myself unemployed or underemployed while pursuing my career.

Getting a night job really fast that kept my days open turned out to be a better choice than jumping into the same type of job. It depends on what you are going after. Not all night jobs are low paying. But if you are not qualified to be an RN in an ICU or Emergency Room, then maybe you could apply for house keeping in a hospital. Housekeeping positions are often fluid; they are always changing staff. However, housekeeping at a low end motel does the same kind of work but at a much lower wage than a hospital.

In a single paragraph (above), I touched on several dynamics; hospitals, motels, professional, non-professional, days, nights, sustaining jobs, non-sustaining jobs.

Also, if you take a night job that is sustaining, it leaves you open to more easier attend classes during the day.

When I was attending The Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg from 2001-2004 getting my BFA in Multimedia and Web Design, I also was managing and driving for a Limo Company based in the Chicago market. The wage was non-sustaining, but my wife was still working at the time. I was lucky.

But, I also had a backup plan; I can manage restaurants and we were surrounded by both fast food and full service restaurants during my school years. Because I was taking day classes, I would have been wise to go after a position as a night manager of a restaurant.

When I was younger, over three decades ago, I was working two and three jobs at a time to pay the bills. I ran the night shift at a 7-Eleven, operated the early shift at a donut shop making the donuts, slept during the day and ran the evening shift at KVON AM Radio Station in Napa, California. I wasn't able to sustain this schedule for more than about 4 months before I had to give up one of the jobs to get more sleep, but it allowed us to catch up on some bills and actually get a little ahead.

After that, I sold cars, making some easy and big money for several months while managing a Burger King in Vallejo, California.

Until I settled down to what I wanted to do with an actual career, I was hopping from job set to job set trying to pay the bills. Making the decision to stay with one thing that I was good at made all the difference in the world. What woke me up was the 911 incident on September 11th, 2001. I realized that I didn't want to be alway job hunting if our country was going to be going to war with the Islamists. I wanted to be able to make a difference while ensuring that my family was well cared for. That's when I decided to go back to school at the age of 45.

So, if you're going to go back to school, first decide what it is you are already good at and enjoy. Then, decide that you are also going to pay some or all of your school bill as you attend so that you are not strapped by college debt for the rest of your life.

Here's a great article that hands you some important job hunting tips that work for everyone.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Are You One of the "Irrational"?

When is Science Not Science?

"Science ceases to be science when the constant it teaches is only a constant sometimes."
Stu Marks

I have been teaching this to all who will listen since before The AlGore monster took to the streets to attempt through non-science to convince the world that he is some type of Environment Guru who knows more than God about the subject.

Read this article and you will see The Leftist Science and EDU community in a new light.

[Co-written by William Happer, and first published in the Wall Street Journal.]
Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt
Of all of the world’s chemical compounds, none has a worse reputation than carbon dioxide. Thanks to the single-minded demonization of this natural and essential atmospheric gas by advocates of government control of energy production, the conventional wisdom about carbon dioxide is that it is a dangerous pollutant. That’s simply not the case. Contrary to what some would have us believe, increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will benefit the increasing population on the planet by increasing agricultural productivity.The cessation of observed global warming for the past decade or so has shown how exaggerated NASA’s and most other
computer predictions of human-caused warming have been—and how little correlation warming has with concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide. As many scientists have pointed out, variations in global temperature correlate much better with solar activity and with complicated cycles of the oceans and atmosphere. There isn’t the slightest evidence that more carbon dioxide has caused more extreme weather.

Friday, July 5, 2013

It all Rises and Falls on Christians being Christians

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."

Humans are as entitled to freedom and liberty as they are to breathing air. The difference is, that air is abundant enough that it is very difficult to rob it from an entire country. Freedom, however, is always the enemy of the power hungry and is therefore only the reward of the vigilant.

I find it interesting that both air and freedom came from God. But, in comparing the two, the differences begin immediately. Air remains free, but freedom requires constant vigilance over one's Earthly government.

God does not speak through Muslims, atheists and other God-haters. He delivered His Word to the World through Christians.

Therefore, if America (a nation founded on Christianity and The Bible) needs reviving, it will only come from Christians being Christians. Nobody is going to step in and do our job for us.

And, this is quite fitting, because nobody can make me read my Bible daily, pray for others, attend church, win souls, protect my family and freedoms and live a separated live for my Savior. I either do these things myself, or they just don't get done.

If I fail as a Christian, then I should not be surprised when my freedoms as an American citizen are weakened and on the verge of loss.

Being politically active and morally responsible can not and does not replace the rest of my responsibilities as a Christian.


I wonder if we all were magically transported back to Boston MA in the mid 1770's, would enough of us take up arms against the government to make a real difference as history records.

What are you doing in preparation to take back America from the rogue usurpers now in control?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Obama the PR wizard strikes again

Remember during the First Coming of Obama in 2008 when the Pseudo-Journalist Press and all of the No-Information-Voters (NIVs) slobbered King Obama into office? One of the really big points of The Left was that Bush had created this humongous out-pouring of negative relations from the rest of the world towards America with all of his sabre rattling and war mongering, blah-blahblah-blahblah.

So, Obama was going to fix all of that with his generous attitude of change and trust in a transparent government, and , and, and…

So, here’s the result of all of that Obama lily-rattling (anti-sabre rattling).

The everyday citizens of Egypt want us out of their politics. They HATE Obama. I know that hate is a strong word, but it is actually slightly less demonstrative than KILL THE YANKEE, and DEATH TO AMERICA.

The Twitter hash tag “#MindYourBusinessUS” is showing up all over Twitterville at large. And, it was generated in Egypt, by Egyptians; the ones who live there, work there, and voted there last year.

So, “Big thanks Mr. Obama for handling that giant PR mess that needed cleaning up.”

Rush Limbaugh Jr. Reveals the Behind-the-Scenes of "The Day of The Signing"

It was a glorious morning. The sun was shining and the wind was from the southeast. Up especially early, a tall, bony, redheaded young Virginian found time to buy a new thermometer, for which he paid three pounds, fifteen shillings. He also bought gloves for Martha, his wife, who was ill at home.

Thomas Jefferson arrived early at the statehouse. The temperature was 72.5: and the horseflies weren't nearly so bad at that hour. It was a lovely room, very large, with gleaming white walls. The chairs were comfortable. Facing the single door were two brass fireplaces, but they would not be used today.

The moment the door was shut,

Read the whole narration here. http://www.baxtercountyrepublicans.com/founding_fathers.html

Fourth of July: What it Isn’t, and What it is

As I do every patriotic holiday, I attempt to remind the un initiated (low information voters; those who’s grey matter remains in its infantile state; uninitiated for use on this planet) why the holiday in question exists.

The Thirteen Original Colonies
In 1776, the colonies on the North American continent known at that time as The American Colonies, formally claimed their independence from the monarchy of Britain because King George III was making their life just like the ones they had left behind on the British Isles; slavery to a crown who cared nothing for God-given freedom and national Liberty.

This claim of independence rather angered King George III, so he sent soldiers to America to collect taxes and take away guns by force. Many of the historic events that used to be taught in public schools were events that were precipitory from Americans defending themselves against these British soldiers who were actually the colonist’s de facto government coming to take away their guns and money; a form of slavery, and  the main reason for the creation of the Second Amendment; so that never again could the citizens of America be attacked by force by their own government, without citizens having the ability to preserve their freedom by force if necessary.

People died. Whole families were wiped out, some only lost fathers, some mothers, and many children; all for the price of American Liberty.

That’s right. The people that died for your freedom to live as we do today, was the price of this liberty we so enjoy, and the rest of the world followed suit to some degree or another. Germany, France, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Portugal,  Ireland, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium and many others from the African continent to China and old Russia, all enjoy varying degrees of Liberty because the colonists of eighteenth century America decided to pay the ultimate price for freedom from tyranny. Once Freedom had been tasted by an entire country, and heard about by others, Freedom would never again be unheard of as an element of national pride.

What is never taught anymore by our Statist, Socialist schools is that National Freedom was unheard of on Planet Earth until the Americans “invented” it back in 1776 by sending King George III this Declaration of Independence document signed by John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the others who made up the fifty-six signers from Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland; the thirteen colonies.

It was, “Give me Liberty, or give me death.”

It wasn’t, “Give me diversity, or give me death.”

No, it was all about Liberty.

She is the Statue of Liberty, not the statue of diversity. She sets upon Liberty Island, not diversity island.

… not for brats and beer. No, not even for potato salad.

Fourth of July is the date on which we Americans can celebrate the freedoms we enjoy, and to remember what it cost.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Only You Can Choose What You Are

Are you an American Patriot, or a Liberal?

American Patriots believe in The Rule of Law and Justice that make all citizens live equally able to be successful at the highest level, while voluntarily helping those who truly need it.

Liberals believe in unConstitutional laws that force working classes to go broke in order to fund programs for the poor, making all equal at the lowest common denominator, and only the ruling classes able to live like kings.

Fact: all of the money in the world could still not fund health care for just The USA. And yet, Obama wants only the working class in one country to fund healthcare for all; including anyone who can cross our borders, plus all those who he can send money to overseas.

The next time a politician offers you two new verbs; make sure to ask them what nouns they lead to.

This is hope and change?
Hope in whom?
Change to what?


Happy Independance Day from your friendly neighborhood RightPaparazzi.

Weather Channel Still Lies About Climate Change

Click on pic to enlarge
Today's Feature Video Story on my Weather Channel page states that melting icebergs, ice and permafrost are releasing "Deadly Carbon Dioxide".

The battle against ignorant weathermen (they call themselves meteorologists) is pretty much over. The cons

I'd like Weather Channel to answer some simple questions in their quest for scientific answers.

Notice the caption that they placed under the video thumbnail image that I circled in red. "Deadly Carbon"? Really Weather Channel? We are THAT stupid?

What is stupid is believing that these entertainers pass themselves off as being scientific in any way.

  1. What is the difference between "Deadly Carbon" and regular carbon?
  2. What do trees survive on? (Answer; Carbon Dioxide)
  3. What do trees require in order to provide oxygen for humans to breath and on which the planet Earth survives? (Answer; Carbon Dioxide)
  4. From where did this "Deadly Carbon Dioxide" originate? (Answer; The same place it originates now, release via internal and external combustion [things that burn], animal processes, water, etc.)
  5. Has the planet ever experienced large melts in the past? (Answer; the planet goes through cycles of expanding and contracting ice flows and permafrost at the caps. Scientific evidence shows this has been going on for at least 6,000 years. Before that there is no reliable scientific proof of anything happening as it is prehistoric.)

The Weather Channel carries out their main mission in a mediocre fashion; they predict the weather poorly for locals.

But they excell at a number of things:

  • They entertain.
  • They research and disseminate false information regarding climate change.
  • They follow Obama's planned demise of western culture wonderfully by promoting global initiatives designed to rob even more resources from American tax payers under the guise of climate and planet protection.
  • They provide some jobs.

Rush Clearly Exposes THE MIDEAST Issue

"The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on since the Bible was written."

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 on Fox Network live.

It's not an Indian thing, it's a Chief thing.

Rush had a great observation that showed up on my radar. He caused me to have the following thought.

The danger to Americans is not from a handful of rogue IRS agents that coincidentally were acting independently who just happened to get caught. It's from a rogue administration acting with determination who has been caught but not stopped.

If you are waiting for The Press to start being honest before you act, you will always be waiting.

If you are waiting until we have honest congressman in office before you act, you will merely be perpetuating what got us into this situation.

It's up to you

Click on picture to enlarge
I've posted this before and I will post this in perpetuity; you, not anyone else, but YOU who are reading this; it is you who are responsible for stopping Obama. Every time there is a loud and momentous outcry from the electorate to the congressman, change occurs.

  • The most Left of them pull back on their attempts to act more "progressively"
  • The fence sitters and wind testors lean and act in favor of representing their constituents for a change
  • The true statesman act more aggressively for protecting Liberty and acting in harmony with The Rule of Law

There is a definite and measurable doubling down effect that occurs when Americans do their part.

Are you doing your part? Here's a test:

  • Check your email bin to count how many times your congressman have replied to you, whether automatic or personal.
  • How quickly can you open the application or reach the web site that starts a communication with your congressman? Or do you have to look stuff up? This includes letter writing, if you choose to stay in the real world and bypass the virtual by putting pen to paper, or otherwise writing a letter.
  • Do you have any idea what local issues are pet to your congressman?
  • What are your congressman's names?

If you are not able to answer any of these questions favorably, I charge that you are not doing your part. Regardless of whether you believe that communicating to your elected officials has any effect or not, it is the only way to let them know your wishes, short of showing up physically and facing them down.

Here is your answer to make change. "Thou art the man." You must do the following in order to fulfill your responsibility as a free American who wishes to stay free.

  1. Discover the names and addresses of your elected officials at the federal level. This means, who is currently occupying the offices of your elected state representative and senatorial seats in Washington D.C.? Get their email and physical addresses and both of their physical phone numbers; Washington D.C. as well as local.
  2. Go to the Congressional Record and find out how they have been voting on the important issues. You don't have to wait until The Press spoon feeds this information to you. You don't want important information like this via the Leftist Press filter anyway. They only tell you whatever fits their agenda.
  3. Write them a respectful letter calling them out on their obvious errors and promise them that you will communicate with them at least once a month on how they have been doing.
  4. Set aside at least one day a week to research your congressman's actions so that you know what to write that month.
  5. When there are important issues, write them a special letter framing your wishes for them. And send it immediately to precede any votes or important meetings in which they have a part.

Without communication from us, the electorate, congressman operate independently. And this is partly the cause for our present debacle.

Law abiding judges do not allow enemies of Liberty to bypass The Rule of Law. Law abiding judges only get elected when there is a preponderance of conservative congressman who are in direct communication with the electorate.

It all falls to us.

We do not need all three branches of of government to be completely honest and active in The Rule of Law in order to protect The U.S. Constitution. We only need one. The Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches can block unConstitutional actions. So, it's not always an uphill battle. And every letter from a voter to their elected official makes a huge difference.

Which are you?:
A Low Information Voter, or a responsible citizen? Don't be a tool for the enemies of Liberty.

Act today, execute step #1. I challenge you, citizen.

-Link to The Congressional Record http://thomas.loc.gov/home/LegislativeData.php?&n=Record&c=113
-About The Congressional Record http://thomas.loc.gov/home/cr_help.htm