Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ban all travel to New York; Gun Free Zones are too Dangerous

*** Attention all churches/colleges/schools who take tour groups and spend vacation money in places like New York that ban guns. ***
Since these “gun free zones” are actually the most dangerous places to take young people, go to Florida, Texas or Washington instead.
Ban all young people from traveling alone in New York and Chicago.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

RightPaparazzi: Inconvenient Video; Lies The Left

RightPaparazzi: Inconvenient Video; Lies The Left: Some clever video web person created a simple montage of popular lies that the empty headed swallow whole. C...

Inconvenient Video; Lies The Left

Some clever video web person created a simple montage of popular lies that the empty headed swallow whole. Click on the image

Great source to remember why we need not waste time debating The Left; just defeat them.

How Gun Control Works

Reason #7 to look forward to Heaven.

Reason #7 to look forward to Heaven;
No computers (I hope).

Federal Court's Ruling. President Obama Violated Constitution

A federal court's ruling Friday that President Obama violated the Constitution with recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board opened the door to claims that a host of rulings and other past appointments may be in question, as the White House blasted the decision as unfounded. 

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Another GUN FREE ZONE Shooting

GUN FREE ZONES should be banned instead of AR-15s

From Mike Huckabee

There was another school shooting Wednesday, this time at Lone Star College in north Houston. But it wasn’t a random, mass attack. Two young men got into an altercation in a courtyard. They and a maintenance man who got caught in the crossfire were taken to a hospital for injuries. Police said it might be gang-related. The shooting reignited comparisons to the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings, and calls for more gun control laws. But it really bore no resemblance to those other shootings, except for one thing: just like Sandy Hook School and the Aurora theater and virtually every other mass shooting site in the past 50 years, Lone Star College is designated as an official “gun-free zone.”

For more of the Huckabee Report, visit

Political Beans

I ride bicycles, therefore, I read biking magazines.

This evening, I read a recently nationally published article about a Ride in my area, on the Columbia River Gorge. Embedded firmly in the first 10% of the article was a statement about some coffee beans one can enjoy at a special coffee house on this Ride that were ethical beans.

Ethical coffee beans.

Yep, it's come to that. Even your holy of holies, that morning coffee cup that almost singlehandedly drags your sorry carcass away from the horizontal mode seven days a week, has been taking on political battles of it's own.

No, no, it has nothing to do with assault rifles, or assault spoons, or anything assaulty. The picture was just barely appropriate but I knew we'd all get a laugh out of it and it gave me a chance to yet again point out the sillyness of the Left.

By the way, I want one of these for my birthday, which is March 10th this year unless Congress has moved it and changed its meaning like they have everything else.

I thought this a good opportunity to look a few things up about this thing called ethical coffee beans to find out exactly what it meant. So here's the first in a series of articles about how Leftists work in commerce as well as politics. It is my mission to wake folks up who do not understand the importance of staying conservative, and what exactly it costs all of us when we don't stay awake and work towards clear headed thinking in our own back yard.

This article is purely an informational piece about coffee and its modern morph into what it is today; another project to manipulate markets while saying its a good thing.

It is true that there are some good motives on the surface, but I'd like to hear about the results of this decades long mission to up the local economies of those far off places of coffee and drug lords, while funding the project from American coffee drinkers.

Here's a good site that has lots of information that is bias but largely factual. And, this was my goal; to hand you, the coffee drinker, more information; in this case about what most people see as a fundamentally Leftist mission, but that has many real benefits that came along for the ride.

Thanks for reading.
The editor.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The assault rifle is simply the current iteration of weapons that the haters of protected religious rights need to remove from citizens.

Criminals could care less what gun control laws you pass.

What's next?

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Public Thinks what PopMedia Tells Them to Think.

Lawfully carrying firearms in public makes the news.
Ironic that if this man then used them to stop a school shooting, all of a sudden, he wouldn't be news. Nor would the school shooting.

So, are you confused then, like I am, about what criteria The PopNews Journalists use to pick what's News and what isn't?


America did not Win Independence by Hunting Deer.

This is obviously what the popmedia and Obots think of the 2nd amendment.

Don't waste your breath debating them. Just defeat them. If they go through all the trouble to ignore the US Constitution, then they certainly aren't going to listen to you or I.

Recall Obama; Write Your Congressman

It is time to recall Obama.

Not only has he turned out to be the single most critical threat to the safety of America, he has repeatedly committed acts of treason as a sitting president; an event that before now, has never occurred.

  1. Identify who your congressman is.
  2. Contact them via any and all means available to you. Demand that Obama be impeached for treason.
  3. Contact them weekly until you get a response.
  4. Don't settle for a canned reply. Hold out for a personal response.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There are three elements to The Second Amendment.
1)      The right of the people to maintain a regulated militia outside of the military. These are local militias, not police forces or military chapters of the government military. The language is VERY clear and inarguable.
2)      The requirement of local citizens to keep and bear arms in order to populate each village’s local militia.
3)      The absolute firewall of law that inhibits the government from infringing either or both of the above.

Yet, yesterday (Tuesday 01-16-2013) The White House officially states that Mr. Obama stands behind the 2nd Amendment. The very next day, he issues 23 executive orders that circumvent Congress, The Bill of Rights and thereby The US Constitution, specifically, The Second Amendment.

From the Press? Total silence on the glaring, newsworthy incompatibility of Obama January 15th with Obama January 16th.  White and Black, up and down, left and … Left.

Oh yes, Islam is so peaceful and tolerant.

Egyptian court sentences Christian family to 15 years for converting from Islam

The 15-year prison sentence given to a woman and her seven children by an Egyptian court for converting to Christianity is a sign of things to come, according to alarmed human rights advocates who say the nation's Islamist government is bad news for Christians in the North African country.
A criminal court  in the central Egyptian city of Beni Suef  meted out the shocking sentence last week, according to the Arabic-language Egyptian paper Al-Masry Al-Youm. Nadia Mohamed Ali, who was raised a Christian,

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Obama Grants Himself Lifetime SS Protection

Refreshing to know that the Secret Service will be saving so much money as they give up their guns while protecting the Obamas who are evidently real gun-o-phobes.

NewsMax; Obama Grants Lifetime SS Protection

Home Safety Poll for Gunless Homes

According to current statistics used by insurance companies and The United States Government for purposes of comparison in the United States, every year, one in thirty-six homes is burglarized.

Even though the penal code categorizes burglaries as non-violent crimes, a burglary can change to the violent crime category immediately upon the commission of a murder or an assault when the burglar is either surprised by the home owner arriving home in mid burglary, or the burglar finds someone already home and the point of meeting ends in a combative scenario.

So, common sense, critical thinking and just simple math reveals the truth that in 2013, we all have a 1 in 36 chance of meeting a burglar and possibly having to defend ourselves while waiting for police to arrive.We could all be surprised either just sleeping in our beds, or arriving home from a late night run to the grocery store.

Go through this checklist/flow chart to see if you are safe enough without a gun.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


The Shot Heard ‘Round the World was a gunshot fired upon a British commander in charge of troops at the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775 when the British troops were ordered to confiscate and/or destroy the guns and munitions within the towns of Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington and Cambridge. It was about gun control.


This was the day of the famous ride of Paul Revere and William Dawes to warn the local town’s folk that King George’s troops were on the way to what was supposed to be a surprise visit to Concord to take charge of their munitions and get their guns.

1775 Colonists had been upset about many things that the British had done, to the point of writing about it, refusing to pay taxes, refusing to house British troops, etc. But never before had town’s people actually pointed a gun at a British soldier and fired upon them until they came for their guns.

The famous Paul Revere ride was not to warn that the British were coming to start a war. It was to warn local colonists that the British were on the way to confiscate their guns; a truth that the Left has never been comfortable dealing with.

I attended Medford, Oregon’s public school system my entire twelve years and was lied to about this half-truth of guns and war. Wars are never started in order to generally conduct a war. Wars are made of battles over real estate, resources and human rights. Without individual battles, there would be no war. Each battle has a well-defined objective. This is nothing new or modern. It has always been true from the beginning of recorded history. Even The Bible reveals God using well defined objectives when he championed the Jews.
People who write modern history books have been engaging in rewriting History’s impetus since long before most of us have been on this planet. They serve up their versions of history to young minds instead of facts.

To be clear,
Many are predicting that if Obama’s administration exercises an executive order affecting gun ownership, which of course would be un Constitutional, that we would then be living under a rogue government; especially if it results in confiscatory action at local levels nationwide.

The test for confiscating merchandise legally owned by citizens, whether firearms or otherwise, is protected under local, state and federal laws as well as being guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. What a confiscatory executive order would do from Obama is to pit local and state law makers and law enforcement agencies against local citizens and The Federal Government.

In other words;
-Federal Marshals will have to contend with State Police in Texas and other states who will not stand for anybody taking guns out of people’s homes; federal or otherwise.
-Federal agents will be attempting to employ state agencies to do their dirty work for them.
-Local Police will have to contend with calls of 911 from citizens who are calling for help when someone claiming to be from “The Government” shows up on their door step to confiscate firearms.
-Citizens will generally not know which law enforcement agencies are supporting The Rule of Law, and which are ignoring the US Constitution. Therefore, they will generally not trust any of them in most cases. 

Thus, most firearms will be “non-existent”; no longer being suspended from gun racks in the back window of pickups—more often than not, being “lost”, “stolen”, “sold” or just claimed to “never have been in existence at this address.” Square impressions in the rug will be the only evidence that a gun safe was ever in the house.

To avoid all of this, it will be attempted to over price ammunition with another illegal tax. This would be illegal because it too would be an infringement of the Second Amendment. They will first find “softer more elegant ways” to reduce the number of guns available publicly.

2013. This current iteration might be mostly a test to see public reaction. Notice how it is occurring during this Obama 2nd term, which in itself is a time period in America’s history more unique than any other presidential term.

As angry as gun theft by one’s own government might make armed citizens now, I predict that it will never come to that because there are too many armed citizens. We could not stop a concerted effort with force, but public opinion is a hard thing to keep bolstered when the populace has firsthand knowledge of actual deaths caused by these seizures. One can only hide so much behind the miscreants called journalists today.
One thing is certain, having armed federal agents/soldiers show up on door steps to grab our guns is not something that the currently armed America is ready for, nor which Obama is stupid enough to attempt. They will try it in other ways.

One of those ways will be to only illegalize the “most dangerous” weapons. Then, after the RINO Republicans sign on to that bill, they’ll go for the next level after this first grab doesn’t work. They will whittle our ownership rights down one level at a time. They have been doing this for many years. It didn’t just start with the most recent questionable school shooting. Notice, by the way, when these most recent school and theater shootings commenced. Mighty convenient for the Left, is it not?

Germany was handled that way. England was handled that way. And now, a few numbers of the pop culture citizens of both these countries are beginning to find it strange that Americans still go out to freely hunt deer or feel that they have to protect themselves with personal “police style” weapons, because Germans and UK citizens are becoming somewhat used to socialism; Just like we are intended to after a while.

And to those who are preparing for physical war with the government, I need to remind you of the single major difference between 2013 and 1775. The government these days is exponentially better armed than the citizen.

At one can read an accurate and extremely more interesting account of The Ride of Paul Revere than Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous but rather inaccurate poem.

- America's History is His Story by R.G. Yoho.


You own a gun, read all of the rhetoric, keep buying ammo, but have never decided what your course of action might be if you become a criminal overnight like Chicago and DC residents did when their local magistrates banned guns; a ban which is un Constitutional.


WHAT DO YOU DO NOW, before such a ban affects your home?
1. Read up on your local laws so you know your current status
2. Meet your local sheriff and deputies and let them get to know you, so they realize that you are a decent, common sense individual who sincerely respects The Rule of Law and officers who enforce it. (If you are not such, please just live under the radar and don’t tell anyone that you are a conservative)
3. Write a letter to your local sheriff’s office explaining your fears that you might someday see that it is no longer (or currently) lawful to protect yourself, while there is no guarantee that criminals no longer have access to firearms, placing your family at risk by simply living under such conditions. And you seek their advice.
4. Be sure that you and your family members are safe owners of your guns. Keep them handy only to the safely trained adults in your home. If you make a handgun available to criminals and children, you are just as guilty of the crimes and tragedies as they. If someone steals a gun from you, you should have made it extremely difficult for that to happen. It is the best anyone can do. When not home, locked in a safe large enough to require a block and tackle to move and a full size truck to transport. And, if it gets moved illegally, a piece of the house goes with it.
5. Never threaten your local officials publically. Instead, always take the side of The Rule of Law. You might someday actually live in a police state that requires you to surrender your guns. But until that happens, support The Rule of Law.
6. Continue to keep and bear arms safely; buying as much ammunition as you would need to protect your family from an invasion of your home by criminals. Any more ammunition than that and one would think that you are preparing to fight against some government. There is no defense against a military level breach of your rights. Unless you own and live in a military compound with tanks, anti-aircraft guns, a limitless supply of food, water and ammunition, no citizen can withstand physical attack from the military. And even then, your chances of survival are nil.

Live under the radar. Keep your mouth shut about your guns. Let big mouthed idiots like me do your patriotic work for you while you stay safely hidden under the radar with your registered and unregistered guns. In the end, the results are almost the same. We both have guns to protect ourselves from criminal threats. I enjoy the added benefit (if I so choose) of advertising that I actively employ deadly force in the protection of my home. Which home do you think will be the last one on the block to be robbed while we’re home?

By the way, I live next door to a local city police officer. I do not know her personally, but we stay friendly with her as much as circumstances present. I often wheel her garbage can in off the curb and pick up trash in front of her sidewalk and parking strip, as I do in front of all three houses that cover our side of the block. I do what I can to add value to our neighborhood and always look for opportunities to be a good neighbor.

Being a lawful gun owner who is respected by one’s neighbors and community is not something that happens accidentally or I take lightly. I do not have a car covered in bumper stickers like some crazed fool. I might choose to display one sticker placed carefully in an appropriate manner which carries a clearly stated and respectful message.

IF YOU SEE VALUE IN THIS ARTICLE… add to it. Point out areas that I have not thought of. I am not perfect and do not claim to have all of the answers. I would love to openly debate my views herein. Bring it on. Point out where I am wrong. Help us weigh the hard decisions. Make yourself useful in this drive by society.

Stu Marks
Armed Citizen
( Please don’t pick me first for a robbery. It would change your life and my family’s both. I am not looking for an opportunity to shoot someone. I never have, and pray I never will )


Ole’ Bob gets off work and heads for home in the old pickup. On the way home, he rounds a corner and is surprised by two people riding abreast in the bike lane. Being a busy time of day, there is no room for two cars and two bikes, so even though he stomps on the brakes, he still ends up running over a lady on her bike.

The lady survives with a broken bone or two, but as she is a legal analyst for CNN, the civil law suit and the loss of Bob’s truck and his driver’s license is not enough.

Since the lady notes that Bob’s pickup was painted black, had a large push bar on the front and step assists under the doors, she writes a scathing article to the local press, claiming that all Assault Pickups should be banned.

A news editor for the local paper makes sure that the story gets on the AP news wire for Op Eds and Leftist news editors (all news editors are Leftists pretty much) all over the nation pick it up and run it the next cycle. The story gains global momentum and the United Nations includes banning of all assault pickups with their push for other assault weapon banns.

A few weeks later, Ole’ Bob is sitting in the park reading yesterday’s paper and sees his truck up for auction by the Sheriff’s dept. Being an average curious fella, he walks down the street to the Sheriff’s office and asks if it sold. The deputy answered in the affirmative and Bob asks for how much.

The officer answers, “ $42,000. ”

Bob is astonished. “$ 42,000 !? Are we talking about the black 1994 Ford F-150 pickup with the rusted bed?”, Bob asks.

“Well”, says the deputy. “It was actually the black 1994 Ford F-150 Assault pickup with the rusted bed. Those are going for a pretty penny these days.”

EDITOR’s QUERY; Does anyone know where the term “assault rifle” came from?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2nd Amendment Demystified

If only...

Judges which avoid Constitutional arguments in their courts should be replaced. The Second Amendment is easily demystified. I am nothing more than a media designer with only a fine arts degree, and I will perform the necessary demystifying forth with.

The "...well regulated militia being necessary for a free state..." simply and clearly means that citizens MUST stay armed and should have local militias to keep their local states free from federal government intrusion. The Jefferson letters make this clear as well as any historical documents from the free press back then and various regional letters of representatives reporting back to Philadelphia that the states did not want to sign the US Constitution until amendments were included that guarded states from a federal government ever being better armed than local militias populated by citizens.

"A well regulated militia..." can't be misconstrued as meaning a federal government's military because the other end of the statement has the militias ensuring a free state. This can not be cross border actions from foreign governments. The language in the Second Amendment never once mentions the security of America. It has always been about the security of local citizens from a federal government.

Local militias were made up of local citizens. The firearms they used to arm the militias were local citizen supplied guns, not government issued firearms. Therefore, The Second Amendment is virtually requiring, ** REQUIRING ** all local citizens to stay armed, and furthermore warns the federal government to never make any law that infringes upon that right.

Any elected servant that construes anything else is uneducated and grossly ill equipped to make judgement calls about the rights of American citizens, especially where fire arms are concerned.

Amendment II United States Constitution

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

Maher Fool

Please repost. You have my un infringed blessing.


All the signs are there in even the popmedia (main stream media) that in the next several months (most real people who know these things have been predicting 2012-2013 for sure) America's dollar will finally collapse.

This was going to happen anyway, mostly due to the road that FDR put us on with The New Deal, but Obama clinched the deal with the popmedia's and Congress's help in the last few months.

So, here's today's warning;
The first hint that you are too late to do anything to avoid your family going hungry that week is when you go to your normal place to shop for food to see if the stories are true and see all of the shelves bare of ALL FOOD; even the canned sauerkraut, olives and fruitcake.

So, what to do?
Start reading on your own and quit relying on Face Book idiots like me to give you a heads up. Your family is truly on it's own.

But, if you think that our government giving away free food, rent and cell phones to over 25% of the American public has no consequences on your local survival, you are truly delusional.

Definitions Department; Gun Control

Current gun control in popmedia has driven home The Left’s incorrect idea of what they think gun control means, without really fully defining what the results of their brand would mean.
Since popmedia gun control can only be affected upon the American citizenry at large, the results will always be that legal ownership is infringed.*
*See 2nd Amendment to The U.S. Constitution