Thursday, February 28, 2013

Congress Shall Make No Law...


If you STILL haven't contacted your congressman or congresswomen regarding the current movement by our federal officials to disarm Americans, here is your letter. Copy and paste, walk in to your local congressional office and place it on their desk. Or mail it with a stamp, or fax it, or email it.



In the Second Amendment, there is a clear commandment directed towards federal government. In that commandment is the word "infringed". Someone needs to walk into the oval office with a dictionary and show it to the guy in the big chair, because he does not understand several parts of the English language, including the word "infringed".

The major problem with the current actions to disarm America is that the wrong argument is being used as its motivation. In the case of domestic crimes, removing the ability of citizens to protect themselves from deadly criminal force obviously makes domestic crime worse, not better; and anyone with half a brain can see that.

If one is to disarm America, The Second Amendment prevents that from happening legally. The only way to disarm America is to forcefully remove the existing legal armaments from the homes and businesses of the citizens of this country, which of course will start a physical and armed revolt against all forms of law enforcement and military involved in such a crime; in other words, a blood bath.

So, by honest definition, "Gun Control" means "Blood Bath".

As a voter in your district, I wanted to express my concern to you regarding the unconstitutional, fear mongering based attempt to disarm American citizens. Even more disconcerting is the fact that the president and his administration believe that they can exert dictatorial power, circumventing Congress to attack our Second Amendment rights.

By definition, criminals do not care about laws. They will acquire guns, knives, scissors, rocks, or whatever weapon they want to use for their nefarious activity, regardless of what the law is. The only thing this unconstitutional gun grab will do is put innocent, law abiding citizens in harm’s way by preventing them from protecting themselves, their property, and their family.

If stringent gun control, which strips Second Amendment rights from the people, were the answer to alleviating violence, then the city of Chicago would be a model of safety. Instead, Chicago, which has some of the most strict gun control laws in the nation, led the country in number of deaths related to firearms at 532. The people could not protect themselves against the criminal activity around them and many paid for it with their lives.

Let me assure you, I am a real person and I live in your district/state. Whether they are a Democrat or a Republican, the American people deserve to have elected officials who live up to their promise to protect and uphold the Constitution.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Counties ask to ban the gun ban in New York

New York State radio station reports that local politicians seek reversal of New York State gun control laws as they are dangerous to citizens and the Second Amendment.

Steuben County Legislature Asks For Repeal of State Gun Laws

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

POTUS Door always open? Really?

Armed SS agent stands guard outside the oval office corridor entrance.
While the nation still waits for Obama and the Dems (I know, sounds like a far Eastern boy's band) to submit a viable budget, while stonewalling Republicans on pretty much everything, the last thing that we have heard from Mr. Obama at large is, "My door is always open."

Apparently not.

The Natural Order of Free Enterprise – Hated by Democrats

It is absolutely amazing how The PopMedia Press gets away with demonizing the very people who pay America’s collective bills. From everyone’s groceries and utility bills, to new cars, homes, real estate and all of the billions of dollars in local, state and federal taxes attached to all that commerce; all of this is paid by the companies that send home salary and hourly paychecks every Friday and every month.

One would think it a given that the people employed at CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC in place of real journalists would be afraid to attack our employers who faithfully pay our bills. This goes double for those in Washington DC who have nothing to spend on all of those programs that they started without due process, without the tax dollars we can send them form our paychecks.

Our bosses and the companies that employ them make sure that their employees get a paycheck for their 20, 30, 40 and 50 hour work weeks, month in and month out. We employees take these paychecks and run to the gas pump to fill our rusty beaters and brand new SUVs full of overpriced gasoline, so we can drive to the grocery store and buy hundreds of dollars in overpriced bread, milk and eggs, to take home to our over-mortgaged houses and over priced apartments so we can eat our expensive food in private while we watch our 52 inch big screens which show our $150/month cable programs while we talk on our $125/month cell phones on their 2 year contracts. And, occasionally, we get to drive to the beach to play in the cold water.

And we allow the PopMedia Press to talk ill of our check-writing employers.

I don’t know about you, but I am very grateful for my work and the regular checks that I have been getting from my largest client for over eight years now. Every Friday like clockwork, there is a check deposited in my checking account from which we write checks for groceries gas and electric. The amount of the check has gone up and down as the economy dictated my work, and in the last couple of years actually went up $100/week.

So, in refuting the Left’s attack on my employers, I say a big thank you to EZWebPlayer, Inc for faithfully buying me and my family the lion’s share of our groceries and gasoline, in spite of being under attack from Obama’s organized criminal elements. Even though the government made it harder for my company to do business, I was not laid off, fired or outsourced. All four of us on full time staff kept our jobs at the expense of deeper cuts into my company’s net profit.

If you are receiving a paycheck from a company, you should be thankful for that regular income, regardless of your affiliation with a union or the Democrat Party.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gun Industry Stops Selling Arms to Cops

Six gun companies have announced plans to stop selling any of their products to any government agency in states that severely limit the rights of private gun ownership.

Disappointed with New York State lawmakers and other jurisdictions around the country who have passed strict gun control legislation, the companies—composed of firearm manufacturers, gunsmiths, and sporting goods retailers—have announced these policies in the past week. [more]

Patriotic Wall Art from RightPaparazzi

In these troublesome political times,  "Let not your heart be troubled." Why? Because it is not "Men" who are in control, but a higher power that directs the hearts of man.

To remind you of this, surround yourself with uplifting and affirmative statements of Faith from an American graphic artist.

This original USA Print is suitable for framing and arrives via the US Postal service as a flat document. The text is Proverbs 21:1 from the Old Testament of The King James Bible.

To order yours, email us at and indicate;
-Which product title you want. "WhiteHouse"
-How many. "Two"
-What Conventional frame size you want your print. "8 x 10"
-Tell us how much your payment will be and we will look for it to arrive in our Paypal account. As soon as the payment is confirmed, we will ship your print.
-What U.S. domestic mailing or shipping address do you want us to use?

Each print of "White House" is printed on faux parchment with a warm vanilla tone using black and grey ink.
Made in USA.
Price $10 each
Signed Print $25 each
via Paypal ""
All proceeds support the artist.

This print is the first in a series to celebrate faith in the supreme Creator as He applies to current events.

About the artist.
Stuart Marks is a native born American of Jewish and Scottish descent. His father, Winston K. Marks was a broadcast professional on America's west coast and one of Sci-Fi's early prolific writers who passed away in 1979, and at the release of this post his mother is in her 80's living in Washington state.
Stuart began his creative career in conventional broadcasting in Medford, Oregon, and was later educated formally in multimedia and web design, graduating with a BFA from Illinois Institute of Art/Chicago Art Institute. He is self employed working in web video, and is active nationally and locally in politics and church work. He lives with his wife in the Vancouver, Washington area near his mother.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Field and Stream Magazine, Clueless

Feb 14, 2013 by 
I sent the following letter to the editor of Field & Stream in response to an article, Sarah Palin’s Shooting by David E. Petzal, posted at their site. It’s disappointing that the letter even had to be written to a publication such as theirs, but the inaccuracies will not go unanswered.
February 13, 2013
Dear Editor,
As a fan of Field and Stream dating back to my childhood, it was very disheartening to read David Petzal’s hit piece on my father Chuck Heath, and my sister Sarah Palin’s caribou hunt in the TLC show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Why Mr. Petzal chose to write something like this nearly three years after the fact is perplexing…a cry for attention perhaps?
I shared the article with my parents and my mother responded by saying, “This is so ridiculous that it doesn’t even merit a response.”

Gun Control = Victim Disarmament

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

I am an Orthodox rabbi who lives in New Jersey but works in New York City. Approximately half of my waking life is lived under your laws and jurisdiction. Like everyone who lives or works in New York City, I have the right, even the obligation, to confront some of your policies regarding so-called “gun control”.
Why do I place the phrase “gun control” in quotes? Because this innocuous-sounding phrase, this expression that sounds like common sense, is in reality a dangerous bit of semantic trickery.
“Gun control” actually (and historically) means letting government, whether benign or ruthlessly evil, disarm certain sectors of society and allow others to remain armed. It means letting the government know where every gun owner lives and the number and types of firearms that he or she owns. It means putting the authority to decide who has the right to defend him or herself with a firearm into the hands of a government bureaucrat. [ more ]

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obama; No spending problem

3-D Printing Will Change the Face of Small Biz

If 3D printing is viable, someone please, quick, create a template for a new POTUS.

But seriously...

Watch this short explanation if this is the first time you've heard the term, "3-D Printing."

Yes, it's real. All it takes is a deployment of raw materiel and it's already been done hundreds if not thousands of times in labs.

1. Create a template.
2. Click PRINT.
3. Choose the correct deployment manufacturing plant.
4. Click ENTER.

Only One Inaccuracy in Last Night's SotU Address

Only one thing inaccurate with last night's SotU Address; it was miss-titled.

The most accurate title that I could come up with was, "The World Through My Statist Glasses Address".

The least accurate title I could come up with was, "The State of the Union Address."

Rainbow and Baby Elephants

Sunday, February 10, 2013

PC Police Derided, While Obama Listens; Crowd Applauds

Dr. Carson's Amazing Speech Owns Obama; Sitting Right There

Dr. Benjamin Carson fires away at
Obama's hidden agenda, with
Obama, Michele, and VP Biden
looking on from 3 feet away.

Crowd applauds.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Watch Sandyhook father own public meeting

Irate Sandyhook father "owns" public meeting.

Watch the Video; Another Gun Saves Lives

Houston's NBC 2 reports on a mother who used her handgun to fight off three armed intruders while her son was in his bedroom. The heroic mother credits her second amendment right, which she says "thousands of people died" to give her, with saving her life.

Gun Control = Creation of New Victim Class


Let the president be duly warned.
Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., R-N.C., has introduced a resolution declaring that should the president use offensive military force without authorization of an act of Congress, “it is the sense of Congress” that such an act would be “an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor.”


New Trial Granted for "Gun Family"

After a year behind bars, wrongly arrested, tried and convicted patriots granted new trial over gun possessions.

A judge has ruled that, after a year and a half behind bars, Rick and Ryin Reese could be released on bail. And he followed up that order with a decision that the Reeses’ original trial was tainted and that a new trial should be granted.
Read more at 

Read the rest here

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Right Thing to do

What obfuscation of American exceptionalism has stolen from us by the popmedia and statist Left is the realization that the good things that America does for the world (including on our own continent) comes from being the right thing to do.