Wednesday, October 9, 2013

America- Changing Before Our Very Eyes. But, Fear Not

Editorial; October 2013; I sleep just fine at night.

This World is not Our Home, We're Just-a-passin' Through

When I hear liberals who voted for Obama (hard to find anyone who will actually admit it anymore) whine and excuse themselves by saying, "Well, I didn't know he was going to _____...", I have absolutely no sympathy for them.

Everyone had a chance to predict what a socialist would do, but only half the country took the opportunity to properly predict Obama's actions by voting no. The other half? Not so much.

Socialists, communists and statists will always seek more power, while a saboteur like Obama goes even further by seeking actions of the most destruction, reserving the most damage for the final months of his control. With the media's willing collusion, Obama is systematically destroying America, while judges, military leaders, police commanders and all others who might actually be instructed to fire on and imprison their neighbors watch it happen; hoping that they can retire or otherwise vacate their office before it happens.

There are Three Stooges scenes that remind me of Obama's actions. One stands out among the others as a perfect alegory to Obama's playbook. Moe open-slaps Curly real hard on the right cheek. When Curly's eyes clear up and his ears stop ringing, he looks back at Moe and cries, "Why did you do that!?" Moe looks him right in the face and says, "Do what?"

Moe is Obama. Mobama.

Mobama keeps slapping us and slapping us. He never has to say why he's doing it. He can deny, change the subject, even use the most confusing and illogical explanations, like, "You slapped yourself." He gets away with it because nobody with the microphone is asking why. Mobama's bosses just sit and watch it all happen.

This will continue until an adult in the room stands up and says, "Enough!"

We need some more Scott Walkers and Sarah Palins who have vowed to stand in the gap; Rand Paul and others already in office who have proven that they have what it takes to put others' before their career.

We may never again see pre Obama and Clinton America. But, the least we can do is not give up.

If a complete reset is in order, then one has to reach further back for an American template to follow than the Bill Clinton era of debacles. One needs to reach all the way back prior to The New Deal of FDR. Because America needs to know what it is like to live under a governmental rule that respects and supports the Rule of law. Every American alive today knows only the treason of a lawless government.

My generation and the rest of the overlapping generations of "Baby-Boomers" have always took for granted American patriotism. We remember family members and national heroes who did hard things during war time and The Great Depression. We can only look back to those heroes because there are no heroes now, according to our press corps.

Black is called white and white is called black. Liars are hailed for their forward thinking while those who defend the Rule of law and our U.S. Constitution are called anarchists and saboteurs. When one calls out Obama for his lies, deceit and America-hating reforms that harm American families including military patriots and families who are paying and have paid the ultimate sacrifice, they are called racists.

Without people who can and will stand in the gap against these domestic enemies, America has no hope. Everything rises and falls on leadership. The citizen can not save this country without leaders.

Who will stand up for America in this crises? Who is hiding? Who is it that will be pointed to and acclaimed as the one who is here for such a time as this?

Meanwhile, Jesus is having the trumpet shined and placed in position by the warrior angel who gets to sound His return.

Know this; you who hate America enough to support Obama and his minions, are helping him prepare this country for the end times. And then, you can proudly look around you and say, "I built this."


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  1. Praise God that this world is not my home. It is sad though that we have been slapped so much that we will have rosey cheeks the rest of our lives. Very well written article. Thank you for posting


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